Shri Ram Navami – Lord Shri Ram is a boon for this earth

Shri Ram Navami – No one got popularity like Lord Shri Ram in the world. At the time of his Leela, there was no creature who was not captivated by his loving and sweet behavior.

Parvati ji had asked Adidev Mahadev, who is Shri Ram, whom you constantly meditate and remember?
Then Shiva replied,

‘Nana bhatti Rama Avatara.’ That is, Rama is not one but many and the reasons for his incarnation are also many.

The reason for the incarnation of Shri Ram

Word of god

When the atrocities on the earth started increasing, the living beings started suffering, the earth started to shake, then along with the creator Brahma ji, along with the gods, went to the shelter of God and did interna. God promised that I would kill the demons by taking birth as the son of Dasharatha, the Suryavanshi of Ayodhya.

Following his promise, he lightened the weight of the earth by killing the demons, the incarnation of Rama. Another reason was Jai-Vijay who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and his gatekeeper. He had to take birth as Ravana and Kumbhkaran because of the curse of a Brahmin. To save them, God took human birth in the form of Rama.

Other reasons for the incarnation of Lord Shri Ram

There are other reasons for the incarnation of Lord Shri Ram. A boon given to Manu and Satrupa to be born as their sons. Manu and Satrupa became Dasharatha and Kaushalya in the second birth. To fulfill his boon, the Lord took birth as a human. Fearful of Narada’s tenacity, Devraj Indra sent Kamadeva to break his penance.

Kamadeva failed to disturb Narada’s penance. Devarshi became arrogant after defeating Kamadeva and told it to Shiva and Vishnu as well. The Lord, who wanted the interests of his devotees, decided to remove the ego of Narada. In order to dress the princess of the metropolis, Devarshi asked God for Hari form and God gave her the form of a monkey.

Due to which Narad ji laughed in the meeting. Due to this, Narada got angry and cursed the Shivaganas to be demons and the Lord to be born in human form. Accepting the curse of Narada, Lord Vishnu took the form of Manuj in the form of Dasharatha Nandan.

Why is Shri Ram Navami celebrated?

Worship of Lord Shri Ram is based on virtues. This is the reason why Shri Ram becomes ideal, exemplary, source of inspiration and power for every religion, every community, every country.

Shri Ram is a boon for the earth

Shri Ram is a boon for this earth and is not only a symbol of faith of the people but also the soul of all. Lord Rama, who destroys the sins of the births of his devotees, was incarnated on this day, the abode of happiness.

Shri Ram Navami

The birth festival of Shri Ram, who is known as Maryada Purushottam all over India, is celebrated on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month.

If Navami Tithi is combined with Punarvasu Nakshatra, it will give all the wishes. This Ramnavami is more fruitful than crores of Sun planets. If Chaitra Shukla Navami Tithi containing Punarvasu Nakshatra is midday, then it is of great merit. Hari himself incarnated as Shri Ram on the ninth date of Chaitra month.

On this day, Shri Ram is praised by the devotees in every Shri Ram temple. Where Shri Ram Janma Mahotsav is organized, all the gods and pilgrimages are present in an invisible form. The fruits of all pilgrimages are obtained on this day at one place. On this day Goswami Tulsidas ji started the composition of Ramcharitmanas in Ayodhya.

Ekram, the son of Dasharatha, was lying in a ram. The gross spread of one Ram, one Ram is the most unique.

Four forms of Shri Ram are shown by this verse. The first is Maryada Purushottam Dasharathanandan, the second Ghata-Ghat means Antaryami, the third the Sopadhik Ishvara and the fourth the impersonal Brahman.

The person who observes the fast of Shri Ram Navami of this Shri Ram, the sins of his many births are burnt to ashes. Shri Ramnavami fasting leads to the accomplishment of both devotion and liberation.

Shri Ram Navami Vrat

On this holy day, after retiring from bath in the morning, make a beautiful pavilion in the north or north-east direction of your house. Install the idol or picture of Lord Shri Ram family or Shri Ram Darbar. Make Hanuman ji, the troubleshooter, seated. Then worship all of them in the pavilion with water, flowers, Ganga water, clothes, Akshat, Kumkum etc. Then worship the Lord with the following mantra.

Mangalarth Mahipal, Neerajanamidam Hare.

Sangamana Jagannath Ramchandra Namostu Te..

Om parikar sahitaye shri Sitaram chandraya karpoorartikyyam samparpayami.

Oh earth protector Lord Shri Ramchandra. This is the aarti for your all round auspiciousness. O Jagannath! You accept it. I bow before you. After reading the above verse, the aarti of Shri Sita-Ram ji should be performed by burning camphor and ghee in a pure vessel.

keep these things in mind

Before worshiping Shri Ram, one must worship Hanuman ji. Offer vermilion and jasmine oil to Hanuman ji. Pure silver work or bright emerald clothes are offered to them, definitely offer them. Be sure to offer the beloved Sitaphal Prasad to Shri Ram. Offer sweets made from mawa to bhog (nevaidya).

Shri Ram likes blood lotus, if you don’t get blood lotus, then worship Shri Ram with Rakta Pushya (red colored flower).

Women who wish for good luck and a beautiful husband, they should worship Sita ji with Saubhagya dravya (vermilion, bangles, jewellery) etc. and wish for good luck. Anoint the idols of Shri Ram family with the holy water or with the Ganges water.

fasting diet

It is described in Vrat Mimamsa that the penance performed to please one’s presiding deity has been named as Vrat. The fasting of Shri Ramnavami is the law of fasting. On this day, by sacrificing food, worship Shri Ram, recite, chant Mantra Stotra. Fruits, milk can be consumed.

Lord Shri Ram

Indian ideals

Lord Shri Ram is the ideal of the people of India. The life of Shri Ram is the culture of India. This is the reason that the propagation and expansion of the story of Lord Shri Ram has been happening the most in the Indian public. Lord Shri Ram was born in the Suryavansh. This dynasty started with King Ikshvaku. It is said in the Puranas that Ikshvaku was the son of Vaivasvata Muni.

Lord Shri Ram’s lineage

In this dynasty, great persons like King Prithu, Mandhata, Dilip, Sagar, Bhagirath, Raghu, Ambareesh, Nabhaga, Trishanku, Mahush and Satyawadi Harishchandra were born. The name of the earth was taken from the name of Prithu, the ancestor of Shri Ram. Prithu started agricultural work by leveling the earth.

King Sagar dug the earth and built oceans, Bhagiratha, the son of Shri Ram’s former king Dilip, brought the goddess Ganga to earth and saved his ancestors. Goddess Ganga is associated with Shri Ram in some form or the other and is presently also rescuing our dead relatives.

When is Ram Navami in 2022?

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